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DUI Suspect Teeters Vehicle on Backyard Retaining Wall – East Vandergrift

posted Jan 23, 2014, 6:52 PM by Joseph Gray

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© Hotshot Images by AKVNEWS/Paul R.Lowes/Staff Photographer 4:57 pm

EAST VANDERGRIFT, Pa. – UPDATE:  7:28 pm.  Law Enforcement Officer Joseph Gray of the Vandergrift Police department said the driver of the vehicle was one Patrick D. Eyrich, 55 of Plum Boro.  Eyrich failed the Intoxilyzer test.  Eyrich’s father,  who is approximately 88 years old and has dementia, had to be physically lifted from the vehicle by Officer Gray.   Eyrich was released from police custody.  Charges are pending in this incident.

Vandergrift and Allegheny Township Police were at the scene of a possible DUI incident in East Vandergrift around 3:30 pm today. 911 dispatch out of Westmorland County alerted police to an incident of a vehicle teetering over a wall on Steeler Way.

Police on scene said the driver was most likely intoxicated when he made a left hand turn onto Steeler Way and traveled up the slight grade terminating in a dead end street.

When the driver came to the dead end of the uphill grade street, he made a left hand turn and nearly drove over a retaining wall into a resident’s back yard 15′ below Steeler Way. The DUI suspect was taken into custody and transported by Vandergrift Police to Allegheny Township Police Station for a breathalyzer test. It’s believed the passenger in the vehicle was the suspects father who is an Alzheimer’s patient. It’s not known if any charges have been filed in this incident.